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Group 370

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Group 370
Configurations and other new filters
Introducing code pattern configurations is among key exciting moments. Particularly as features that our users have asked in the last few months.
Code pattern parameters and on demand analysis
We’ve just launched two features that have been requested by our users and that will definitely help you get more value out of Codacy. These are on...
Github Integration: Issues & Comments
In order to improve your code, GitHub integration has been a key step. We want to make it easier for you to integrate our service into your development...
CSS Linting Tools Review
CSS Linting Tools will assist you and save you precious time in the code review process. They will also save time as writing a set of well-structure...
Code Quality Threats and How to Solve Them
In the process of building Codacy, I’ve learned that software companies in different life stages have different needs in terms of code quality. Early...
PHP Static Analysis Tools Review
Performing PHP static analysis will help maintain your code quality over time, particularly as it becomes even harder in large projects developed by...

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